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Gastronomic center

Gastrospace – GEO started its activity focused on 2 different areas:

1. On the one hand, the production of PREMIUM QUALITY ROASTED SUCKLING LAMB AT LOW TEMPERATURE, that is distributed in Spain (Peninsula, Balearic Islands) and Europe, and moreover you can purchase it in GEO directly.

2. It offers the possibility of tasting its best star product from its tasting menu where the main products will be Roast suckling lamb and a variety of typical food of Palencia region. It can be organised for individuals (open at the weekend and bank holidays) and for groups (prior reservation is necessary). –


It is one of the most important areas of GEO, since its main activity of production of roasted suckling lamb at low temperature, was launched by R+D department (research and development) of CETECE company. Its purpose was to obtain roasted suckling lamb at low temperature with its high quality and long shelf life.

R+D is already an integral part of the cuisine. Concepts such as molecular cuisine, liquid nitrogen, low-temperature processes or deconstruction of the dish are already part of the usual vocabulary in recipe books.

Likewise, the vacuum-packed processes have been evolved. The main functions of vacuum packaging are to protect and preserve them from external contamination, as well as to extend their shelf life, that is to delay enzymatic, microbial and biochemical reactions.

It is an area where the gastronomic use of new products related to sheep will be investigated with the target of giving the maximum utility to all derivatives and by-products of suckling lamb, demonstrating its great sustainability.


The purpose of this area is to develop courses, master classes, tastings and workshops aimed at all types of groups, amateurs and professionals, that will focus on the topic of sheep, establishing synergies with all related sectors such as sheep cattle, meat, wool, tanneries, dairy products, hospitality and the environment.

This area demonstrates the following:

  • Spread sheep culture in all population segments, from children to adults.
  • Qualify future workers in the sector as well as improve the training of current professionals.
  • Develop actions that are the germ of future business initiatives in the sheep sector.

Tourism / Culture

The cultural and tourist aspect of the project materialized in the GEO through the small exhibition that has been carried out on the upper floor of the building. The purpose of the used space is to add another attraction to the building and also to the municipality of Paredes de Nava. The objective is to establish collaboration networks with tourist resources of the municipality, taking advantage of the multiple synergies that Paredes de Nava can offer. Those are monumental, historical and industrial fiends with its main activity as culinary orientation.

The sheep sector, Paredes de Nava and the culinary orientation of the project inspires when the organization of exhibition which it is based on the sheep theme, historical and current tradition of the sheep in Paredes de Nava and its gastronomy, with a focus of great interest for all types of audience.